Powers that Be

I'm still thinking about that new new Hands On: ER game coming out next month. visiting the company's web site and found, lo and behold, you can actually play a mini-ER game online -- it's really dull, but the voice of Noah Wylie kept me going.

What I'm really interested in, however, are those medical super-powers. I think that could be the game feature that attracts thousands of frustrated health care professionals. What powers would you pick?

X-ray vision, or the ability to be in two places at once, are too over-the-top for this game. Photographic memory, already mentioned, seems just right: not too ostentatious, but genuinely useful. I'd put foreign language skills in this category, as well. What about speed-charting? Sway over the CAT-scanning queue? Acquiescent cardiology attendings for chest-pain admissions?