Collateral Damage

One of the clinics I rotated through had posters on the walls of elderly folk working out. The photos of buff seventy-something-year old men pumping iron, and toned elderly women swimming, were meant to inspire the patients to take care of themselves.

The pictures gave me hope, too -- that my meticulously honed physique need not fade away (note: readers who've met me can decide, quietly and to themselves, whether or not I'm being sarcastic).

Which is why today's photos of Arnold Schwartzenegger on a beach are a little disheartening.

While he still looks like he's in good shape, he's clearly let himself go a little. His pecs have atrophied. His deltoids, while toned, have lost mass. And he's acquired some love-handle type structures. Also, I could swear he's got a ventral hernia (though I'm reserving judgment until CBB's blockbuster investigative report).

Oh well. He's still only in his fifties -- there's plenty of time to return to form, and maybe his comeback will serve to motivate his cohort.