Can't buy a thrill

Many of the peculiar terms and phrases we learned in medicine have found a new use in cyberspace, as titles of websites (consider 10 out of 10, The Central Line, or this blog -- and that's just emergency medicine sites).

But that's the virtual world -- what about the real world? This past week I saw a couple of products that make me think medical parlance could sell physical products. Consider:

OK, fine, it won't really be a trend until Wendy's is selling STEMI-burgers or we see Throckmorton-branded condoms. But I wonder if this could someday happen, given the improving economics of niche marketing. Or maybe the general public, through realistic TV shows and, yes, blogs, has picked up on enough of our lingo to make this work?

I can't say. But I'd like to remind  readers that you can enjoy your Drug of Choice in a lovely, professionally-designed mug, on sale now in storeborygmi