Academic deliverables

While the job I trained the most for is Emergency Medicine, the job I spend more time on these days is clinical informatics. And that job is further subdivided: mostly supporting our ED's electronic record system, but increasingly, helping to study, operationalize and guide adoption of medical apps and wearable devices. It's honestly the most exciting part of my job, because it seems like we're helping to bring about the future.

Two documents that summarize a lot of my recent thoughts and efforts these on these topics are available online. The first (pdf) is a deep-dive into mHealth apps in Emergency Medicine - the potential and the peril. The second document is our case report of pulling a patient's Asthma Health app data into a pulmonologist's EHR. Sounds simple (and sort of is, with the new FHIR standard) but this involved a lot of data-sharing steps and permission settings, from both the patient and doctor (and a lot of steps from us, the clinician-scientists that saw this process through).

One downside to this sort of work is that it's quickly obsolete. But hey, so are blogs. Hopefully, at least, these links endure.