Cuddle up to Ebola

I've been steered towards a new line of plush infectious organisms. Giant Microbes is making stuffed playthings of rhinovirus, strep pneumo, influenza, and the gang. What can I say? The bugs are cute, and curious kids might want to know what's making their noses run and ears hurt.

Their "professional" series features HIV and Hepatitis C, because, I suppose, those aren't as amusing as necrotizing fasciitis (the "flesh-eating" bacteria comes with a sewn-in knife and fork).

You can test your diagnostic accumen by comparing the plushie to the light microscopy in the "Coming Soon" section.

I think this is a pretty neat product, especially since each critter comes with some educational information. This company walks a fine line, however, and maybe could ensure good will by donating some proceeds to an infectious disease foundation.