1010 Wins

Calendar trivia has always interested me. And we've lived though some special dates, from the turn of the millennium to 9-02-10 day last month.

Today is no exception. And like 1/2/03 at 4:56, today we could experience a couple of memorable minutes.

But a few moments' thought on the matter leads me to believe that the high frequency of notable dates we've been enjoying is going to come to an end soon.

Another endangered calendric item: those plastic eyeglass-like frames that attain ubiquity every New Year's Eve, since the 1990 (or even earlier). In fact, for most of my life, each year has featured at least two bulbous numbers, ideal for making zany celebratory glasses (if I'm not explaining this well, see here).

I think this comes to an end for 2011. The impact on the economy is difficult to estimate.