A shot in the arm

USAToday is reporting that the much ballyhooed flu vaccine shortage will end up as a surplus in some areas. Though I did my share of ballyhooing back in October, in recent weeks I had a feeling this reversal might occur. Look at how the hard line from our student health administrators reflects the change in supply over the past few months:

  • 10/15/04 Influenza Vaccine Shortage; medical students will not receive vaccination.

  • 11/15/04 Clinical medical students with documented lung disease working with high-risk populations may recieve vaccination.

  • 12/01/04 Clinical medical students may receive flu vaccine between 7 and 7:15 AM.

  • 12/15/04 All medical students may receive flu vaccine, whenever.

  • 01/05/05 We'll give you a dollar if you get the flu shot. We'll vaccinate your pet, as well.

  • I think I can get a better offer if I hold out another few weeks.