Escape from Philadelphia

Nothing quite unites and preoccupies people like a snowstorm. Especially at an airport. Especially on a boarded plane that can't take off until the "indeterminate number" of planes in front of it have de-iced, as the snow starts accumulating on the wings. You could almost hear a collective buzz of nervousness amongst the passengers. Then the crew started passing out beverages, and our mood improved.

One thing that's different about this blizzard, compared to the last record-breaking snowfall (waaay back 23 months ago), is the appearance of weather blogs. I wish my area had something like Capital Weather, because it's easy to grow tired of TV correspondents reporting live from a parking lot. I've been waiting to see a snowfall probability chart on TV ever since I learned about school cancellations. And whatever's missing in the posts is made up in the active, erudite comments section.

Still, I'll always be partial to the Forecast Discussion folks at the National Weather Service (page frequently updated):

Record setting snowfall progged for Boston in a storm that will fall short of the bliz of 78 in the severity and duration of coastal flooding but overall we have just reviewed kocin uccellini vol ii p495 snowfall graphic and only somewhat less extensive 2-3 foot siege but this is dangerous and close to bliz of 78 snowfall!!!

Short term (today through tonight): 06Z eta has the better handle.

Ku storm, comparing favorably aerial coverage 2 Ft plus, wait for final. And all in 24 hours!!!!!

I wish my profession condoned the use of exclamation points in our notes to colleagues. But I'm glad that meteorologists are starting to share their insights with a public that wants a little more depth to their snow forecasts.