Here's the upcoming schedule for Grand Rounds hosts (UPDATED 1/10/05)

1/11/05 Chronicles of a Medical Madhouse
1/18/05 Waking Up Costs
1/25/05 A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure
2/01/05 Daily Capsules
2/08/05 Enoch Choi's Medmusings
2/15/05 Sumer's Radiology Site
2/22/05 Catallarchy

As you can see, we're diversifying here. Waking Up Costs is an anesthesiologist's perspective on medical advances and health care delivery. Daily Capsules are notes from the field of continuing medical education. Sumer uses more exclamation points than any radiologist I've known. And the resident behind medical madhouse might, in fact, be mad.

I'm trying to mix some familiar and accomplished bloggers (Medmusings, Cut-to-Cure) with some new voices. And there are many more bloggers who've contacted me, and I plan to schedule them in the coming weeks. But all this interviewing and international travel is really cutting into my blogging admin time! Just keep tuning in, and we'll keep delivering the goods.