Uncharted territory

So, um, the Sox beat the Yankees.

Here's a simple guide to peroneal tendon dislocations, like the kind that used to bother Sox ace Curt Schilling. Judging by his bloody red socks, and this Bill Morgan transcript, it seems the tendon was anchored out of its anatomical location, to a site anterior to the lateral malleolus:

JD: “I’m still not sure I understand how you create a wall, what did you attach the sutures to? Skin to skin and that created what, a barrier? Is that the deal?”

Dr.M: “Well the tendon is out of position and out in front of the bone and the problem is that it would slip back again to where it was supposed to be and then slip out again. And it was really just to create a barrier between the skin and the underlying tissue which is called facia so that there wasn’t let’s say a tunnel subcutaneously underneath the skin, it just kind of anchored the skin through the underlying tissue so it would stick the tendon where it was supposed… where it was, so it couldn’t sublux at all."

JD: “If I understand you correctly, you sewed this in a position with the tendon not where it eventually will be when it’s repaired, it’s out of position for the entire game last night?”

Dr.M: “Just for last night. Those sutures are out now.”

GC: “And you assure us he’ll be ready for the World Series correct? You’ll do this again and have him ready for the World Series…”

I think they should change the Red Sox logo to reflect this groundbreaking procedure. Can we get a photoshop on this?

And I expect anatomical gift programs in the Boston area will experience a boom when fans learn how cadavers were used to guide the Sox to victory:

Epstein spoke of how [Sox doctor Bill] Morgan practiced the procedure on cadavers (a common exercise for orthopedists) before using it on Schilling. After applying the anesthetic Marcaine to the area, Morgan sewed in three stitches directly through the skin and attached them to both ligament and deep connective tissue located next to the ankle bone itself. Schilling was satisfied that the procedure had worked during a light throwing session before Monday's Game 5. On Tuesday night, he was proven right.

They'll try it again before Game 2, apparently.