The mark of courage

Did I mention how great my readers are? Erin writes:

I'm desperately seeking a photo of the FrankenSchilling
sutures, due to a bargain I made with god/satan/whoever
regarding the World Series.

I can't find a picture anywhere, but I'm wondering
if any of you, with your expertise, could hazard a
guess as to what that must have looked like?
Vertical or horizontal? Above or below the ankle
bone? I promised the ghost of Babe Ruth that if
the Sox won this series, I'd tattoo those sutures
to my ankle.

First, take the time to get this right. Everyone will be talking about this magical month for the rest of their lives, but you'll have something to point to. Make sure it's accurate. Ask a surgeon blogger, or someone who's named his blog after a stitching technique. Or, hey, try asking Curt Schilling himself -- he posts to Sons of Sam Horn...

Failing that, at least print out a picture of a dislocated peroneal tendon and show it to your artist.

But from what I've gathered (and from Noah's input) I think you'll have four stitches total. They'll be in pairs over the outside knob of the right ankle (lateral malleolus). On each side of the forward-displaced tendon, two stiches, running lengthwise and parallel to the tendon, made a new groove for it to slide in.

I also heard Schilling had four sutures in Game 6 of the Yankees series, but Dr. Bill Morgan and company used only three in Game 2 of the World Series.

Good luck!