There's so much love in New England right now. Last night, for instance, I saw strangers share many a weepy embrace. Families strolled the eclipse-lit streets at midnight. I myself high-fived over two hundred people.

We took pictures with the man wearing a functional replica of the Fenway scoreboard. We cheered the cops and taxi drivers as they slowly rode by. There was even a guy handing out Baby Ruth candy bars in Central Square. It was perfect: don't just beat the curse -- eat it.

Yes, there's a spirit of magnanimity in the air, a generousity that comes naturally from a land that has produced this year's NFL and MLB champions.

With this in mind, here's a big thank you to my readers. October will break blogborygmi traffic records, which is kind of unexpected because 1) I think I'm posting less and 2) the Grand Rounds instalanche was back in September. But this has been a month of pleasant surprises...

Also, I have to thank the commenters, who have made so many posts more interesting and enjoyable by sharing their thoughts.