Bringing balance to the Force

Speaking of which, Kevin MD is hosting this week's Grand Rounds. And we'll soon be unveiling the list of hosts for the next few weeks. Interested in hosting? Mail me: nick -at- with a good hosting date for you (looking at Tuesdays in December or late November).

Also, Anjali mentioned in a comment on that the liberal perspective is underrepresented on Grand Rounds. I'm inclined to agree!

I once wrote that the internet has always been a haven of libertarians and Star Trek fans, and that's still true. Medical blogs, however, should counterract that tendency (medicine attracts more than its share of do-gooders and gluttons for punishment).

I wonder if the hosts and sponsors (Galen, Instapundit, other famous libertarians) have something to do with the paucity of liberal posts? I must say, when I was soliciting the web's biggest bloggers to link to Grand Rounds, only the right-wingers replied. Even my old acquaintance Atrios totally ignored my poignant appeal to balance and nostalgia. Maybe Anjali can flex some of her AMSA influence to recruit some new sponsors?

But this might be one of those problems of perspective. Those who agitate for institutional change might address this issue with the hosts and sponsors. A by-your-bootstraps individualist, though, might approach the lack of liberal posts on Grand Rounds by... submitting a liberal post?