hypertext languages

Helix and Lileks continue to inspire. Helix, because he's taken it upon himself to doggedly unearth new med student blogs like this one. It's that guy from Matchbox 20; I think he's becoming a doctor. I'll believe anything, now that Paul from the Wonder Years is a corporate lawyer.

Lileks continues to express things that I really ought to be able to, and with breezy nonchalance, at that. For instance: I didn't mention it when the "Next Blog" button took me to this med student's site because 1) it wasn't particularly medical and 2) it wasn't particularly Enlgish.

But when the great Lileks came across this strangely similar site, he met the challenge and aptly described it:

[the site] makes me feel as though I am just having a shower of mini-strokes, because it makes sense and then it doesn’t, and then it does.

I'm not even sure if it's the same language, or if Malaysians move in and out of written English as easily as my parents do for spoken English. It's just compelling to read, like a half-finished cryptoquote. And yes, for a moment it might feel like a TIA, or that Twilight Zone where the world's vocabulary shifts ... except for one poor guy who has to learn the new English the hard way.

Enough. Lileks also points out this blogspot treasure, which is the first blog I've seen with automatic postings. I think it's designed to steer surfers-of-recently-updated-sites to a get rich quick scheme. In other words, blogspam is here. One expects it might get more sophisticated with time.