Groundswell for Grand Rounds

The medical blogosphere continues to garner support and enthusiasm from other bloggers. Tech writer Jon Udell remarks:

From the get-go, I knew that blogging was bound to disrupt information monopolies not only in IT and politics, but in other realms too. Now it appears that the medical blogosphere, something I've long expected, is finally emerging.

...In the long run there will be many more people hungry for informed analysis of medical issues than for informed analysis of tech issues.

This looks like a great opportunity to watch the blogging meme replicate throughout another community of practice. I'll be fascinated to see how it changes, but also is changed by, that community.

I hope he's watching next week! Regarding the upcoming first Grand Rounds, critical care nurse Alwin Hawkins writes

...I agree that there isn't an Instapundit of the medblog world, but that may change soon. Grand Rounds ... may be one of the breakthrough features that brings the medlog web to prominence.

That's the plan.