He shoots, he scores

Lileks, the accomplished columnist, blogger, and guest conductor, indulges himself (and closeted Star Trek fans everywhere) on the score for the "Doomday Machine" episode.

I think this will be the stupidest, most geeked-out thing I’ve ever written. I think I need an intervention: dude, it was one cheesy episide of one cheesy show. Give it up. But if you’ve ever spent 30 years looking for a particular piece of music – and found it! – then you might understand why I feel compelled to explain, once and for all...

When I first saw that episode, at around age five or six, it gave me an unhealthy fear of ice cream cones. And though I didn't recognize it at the time, it was the music that inspired those emotions (far more than the comical special effects).

Anyway, you can expect my post on the melancholy violins at the end of "Q Who" sometime around 2019.