Cat's in the cradle

I've yet to meet another blogger, though I correspond with several and follow the posts of many more. It's tempting to believe I know what these people are really like, especially those that write with clarity and passion. Grafting elements of the personalities of my friends and family to these ethereal blogs seems almost natural.

So, when I see a blog change direction over time, it makes me wonder. Has the writer found a new voice? A new passion? Is this who she really is, or always was? I question my first impressions, and review older posts. And I think of my own past, and my friends' experiences, and the detours we've taken in the name of love, charity, or philosophy.

And I remember the friendly-but-concerned inquiries I've made -- and received -- over the years: "You seem different, is everything ok?" and its variations. It's a tricky question, which could be answered with a scowl, a smile, or utter denial. So it's not easy to ask. It's even harder when one clumsily tries to frame the question in terms of "missionary zeal" and the downside of an Instalanche...

...So when the answer comes back, with the warmth and grace of this post, it's humbling. I'm comforted that all's as it should be, and relieved that my awkward overture across the miles was understood -- by someone I've never met.