Slick production values

My medical school's second-year Class Show was last night. I think it was pretty good, but I missed a lot of the references to other students, to the newer profs and classes, to certain events... I know about three first-years and five second-years, and the curriculum has been substantially revamped since I was a second year, in 99-00. The jokes I did get -- about squid axons, histology, MBB -- have gotten a little stale on my sixth viewing. There were some cringe-worthy jokes about gays and Asians, but also some impresive musical numbers. I'll never listen to "Brick" by Ben Folds Five without thinking of standardized patients in leg warmers.

It's like I'll never hear of "My Sharona" without thinking of "My Trachoma", or how I automatically change the words to "We are the World" to be about pathologists lamenting the decrease in autopsies. I look back on my class show with a lot of fondness. I staged managed, I wrote and appeared in a funny skit, and I worked with some very talented, smart people. The product was something we were proud of; but more than that, it signaled to many of us that we were interested in more than medicine, or research.

No idea what CD and DF are up to since the class show, except that they're PGY-2 and probably very busy. I've managed to try my hand at DJing and fiction writing before settling on freelance opinions, editing, and blogging as my avenue of expression. For a while, there was also an interest in geocaching, but there's a limited range of emotion you can express through a GPS and hiking boots.