borborygmi, or grumblings from deep in my belly

I finally found a bunch of med student blogs. There's a list of medical blogs, broken down by author's education and slant, on and another one on

The first-year bloggers are woefully earnest. The intern bloggers are knee-deep in minutiae. And no third year with an eye on his transcript is wasting time blogging.

So much of the time, it's just not what I want to read, or write.

Lord knows there's enough going on in my psych rotation to fill a blog, but when I get home I'm anxious to switch gears. Usually the closest I'm willing to get is talk of medical error reform, which I find fascinating and of paramount importance. I suppose I might enjoy commenting on some patient and doctor encounters. And getting an ulcer about HIPAA.

Check out Mr. Hassle, started at the same time as this blog, with the same template. More gizmos, though, and more referrals. And tales from the ED! Going to follow that one for a while, see how that kind of writing fits me.