Another Fine Film Idea

This is a regular feature on blogborygmi, having appeared once before.

This installment: A group of disgruntled Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil performers meets a bunch of disgruntled casino contruction workers. They improbably form a football team. They call themselves: The Vegas Odds.

I should rush this into pre-production, if only because Google keeps deflating my sense of creativity. Over the weekend I was trying to think of a fun catchphrase for the site. What common saying features words that rhyme with blog? Flog. How about: "The blogging will continue until morale improves." Heh. Perfect for a third year medical student, overwhelmed but looking to procrastinate.

But a quick google search revealed 19 different sites using this phrase, on over 1400 web pages.

This is the dark side of connectivity -- realizing just how many people have already thought your thoughts. At least, I suspect it will be hard to search for a football team called "the Vegas Odds". Take that, crummy information superhighway, connecting people with ideas from around the globe.