The Deranged Millionaire

A fellow resident physician in the NYC area was updating me about his jury duty stint. I mentioned that John Hodgman (who is an author, writer for the New York Times magazine, comics critic for the NYT Book Review, contributor to McSweeney's, correspondent for the Daily Show, and also, the "I'm a PC" guy) was recently blogging about his jury duty experience here in the city.

"I know," my friend said. "I saw him. While I was eating pho noodles during the lunch break, I saw him doing the same, two tables down."

I was thunderstruck, for John Hodgman seems like a tremendous person. I must reconsider pho noodles.

An interview (on, no less) pretty much proves why Hodgman is so worthy of idolatry. An excerpt is reprinted below (best appreciated if his responses are read in a mild-mannered, erudite tone):

CC: You once said, "Comedy always tells the truth. That's why it's funny." Can you elaborate on that?

JH: Not without sounding pompous and stupid, no. The fact is, no one has ever properly figured out why anything is funny. It just is, or is not. Does that evasive little koan suit you better? Because I've got a million of them.

Alas, his story about the Battlestar Galactica reception is too long and enlightening to reprint here. A more thorough CV of Hodgman is available on wikipedia.

Originally via Metafilter, which counts Hodgman among its earlier members.