Anchors Aweigh

Grand Rounds is up at NHS Blog Doc. Dr. Crippen includes lots of pictures in this edition, but has allowed me to run the one on the right -- it's his boat, the Borborygmi.

No, this did not influence his placement in the Grand Rounds hosting queue. Nor did this blog influence his naming of the boat. I suspect it's a reference to sea sickness?

Speaking of queasy stomachs, the demise of PaedsRN's GeekNurse blog is causing some well-justified fear, and anger at overzealous risk management censorship. This has touched off a few good posts and an interesting discussion at Random Acts of Reality.

I recall a medical student blog that was taken down last year, along with the potential for disciplinary action or expulsion... and a resident blog that was removed in 2004 -- again, with the threat of termination. I hope, at the very least, PaedsRN's employment is not in jeopardy, but I don't believe anyone has heard from him since his farewell post.

Through it all, I imagine there are some hospital administrators, somewhere, congratulating themselves on limiting their hospital's liability. At least they're sleeping easy.

We're poorer for the loss. Clinical Cases points to the Writely archive of GeekNurse's Grand Rounds.