Year Two is underway

First things first: Next week's Grand Rounds is being hosted by a medical student and Katrina evacuee, Neils Olson. The Tulane medical students are in the process of moving again -- from Texas A & M to Baylor for the rest of the semester. So do him a favor and get your submissions in early. His blog is called the Haversian Canal (a coincidence, I'm certain) and his email is haversian.canal -at-

I must point out, one of Dr. Reider's major contributions to medblogging, besides practically strarting it, is the site. For the medbloggers who were peeved that GR was late this week, or they weren't included in the carnival -- try thinking of it this way: Jacob Reider has been linking to all of your posts, every day, for years.

Having said that, I expect Mr. Olson to be on time next week, hurricanes notwithstanding. (There are few things more certain than freshly-minted MDs demanding promptness and preparedness from medical students -- it's far more natural to us than, say, giving orders to nurses who've been working for a decade or two).