Grand Rounds #52

Dr. Kent Bottles of is hosting this week's Grand Rounds. It is a fine collection of the latest and greatest in medical blogging. His site is notable for many reasons, but the dearest to me is that he's making an effort to record the early history and motivations behind medical blogging, on his podcast interviews.

SoundPractice is one of the newest medical blogs -- it didn't exist when Grand Rounds started, a year ago. Next week, for the first anniversary edition, we turn to one of the oldest medical blogs: DocNotes, by Dr. Jacob Reider.

I was hoping by now to announce some major changes to Grand Rounds, to coincide with the start of Volume Two, but these hardball negotiation sessions with Manhattan mega-corporations are taking more time than I expected (these are offices with indoor waterfalls, people -- we have arrived).

And, truth be told, the proposed changes for Grand Rounds hosts and participants are minor: GR will always be a rotating carnival of health care bloggers. The only difference is, there'll be be an influx of new readers: web-using health professionals who aren't yet familiar with the world of blogging. Hosts won't have to carry ad banners for Lipitor or anything like that -- just a link-back to the new Grand Rounds archive and schedule (which should be a good deal spiffier than its current incarnation).

More to come...