The Sox-blogging is winding down, I promise. A few more posts this weekend, maybe. But for now, if you're interested, here's a picture of Curt Schilling's ankle, showing how they relocated the peroneal tendon before Game 2 of the World Series.

Jayson Stark is saying there were 55 stitches. I don't know. I count three (to be fair, I heard there they needed four in ALCS Game 6). I didn't think there was additional suturing of the fascia under the skin, but maybe I'm wrong.

Stark also says:

ESPN.com was able to obtain two photos of the fabled ankle in question, taken on the day of Schilling's Game 2 World Series start. And let's just say you don't need a framed med-school degree to notice this ankle doesn't resemble yours or ours -- not unless you're sitting in an orthopedic waiting room as you're reading this, anyway.

It always amazes us what athletes will do at times to play in the biggest games of their lives. But the more we look at this photo, the more we understand that what Curt Schilling did last month is one of the most amazing sports stories of the 21st century.

That, at least, is no exaggeration.