Purple Power

The election's over, and people are reflecting on the divisions in the country. One overplayed idea is that a huge cultural chasm is in place -- the Red States vs. the Blue States.

Joshua Glenn reprints Jeff Culver's map of America in today's Globe. I think this is worth harping on: it's not red states and blue states, it's not cities vs. suburbs... we're all living in a Purple America, with some areas a little redder and others a little more blue.

I like so many things about this map. First, it shows that the differences between us are relatively small (which might offend ubran sophisticates and rural good ol' boys, but nonetheless reassures me). Second, it suggests that any cultural divide is not imposed by geography, but by our own habits and circles.

Yes, we may be in small bubbles, but the remedy to this insularity doesn't involve a road trip to another part of the country. It means listening to your neighbors and coworkers, expanding your circle, reading different magazines, and surfing other blogs.

Although, to be honest, this map makes me smile, too.