Don't hate the payer

Graham Walker's been working hard on a flash animation promoting single-payer health insurance.

The animation is skillfully executed. With facts and examples geared toward the lay reader, Graham makes both reasonable and emotional appeals for the system. Funny ones, too. Plus, it's neat to hear another blogger's voice (I assume it's Graham).

I don't want to give too much away, because it's best to let these multimedia extravaganzas wash over you. All I'm going to say is: as a former DJ, I do not believe Prom Committees are benevolent entities. I mention this because feelings about Prom Committees may now dictate how the American health care debate unfolds. I would be reluctant, as a patient or doctor, to put my faith in equitable disbursements from the Prom Committee. They've been kind of petty and unreliable, in my experience.

But not all proms are the same.