Student talk

The blogging's been lighter, and may continue to be lighter for a little while longer. I've been working on a couple of articles for another publication, and keeping up with my medicine rotation.

Other medical students have plenty to say, however. I used to think there were only a handful of med-student bloggers. It turns out there may be as many as several handfuls.

In addition to the fine bloggers showcased on the right, some new med student writers have come to my attention recently:

  • Anjali Taneja and friends run to the teeth, a blog about social and health care justice. Anjali's been working as a fellow at AMSA this past year. She made some good points on my earlier post about tactics for raising awareness of medical issues, because, well, she does more than just write about justice.

  • A student blog at Case Western, Medipol's Down on the Farm is another site that mixes medicine and politics.

  • Across the pond, This Won't Hurt a Bit is being set up by an introspective student. His latest post indicates he might soon be moving to France. Fortunately, his "comments" feature is enabled.

  • Two med student blogs that are new to me, but have apparently been around for a while, are Intueri and Future Evil Resident. They're both based in California, and they're both 4th years, so get 'em while they're students.