No-win scenario

Conservatives claim that allowing gays to marry will ruin marriage for all people. And now, according to the Boston Globe, they're working hard to fulfill their prophecy::

Lawmakers and activists on both sides of the issue suggest that Romney may be weighing several options, including an executive order to block the issuance of licenses to gay couples; proposing a law to prevent issuance of those licenses; or backing another bill, being pushed this week, that would abolish marriage entirely and create civil unions for heterosexual couples, as well as gay couples.
..."It's absolutely radical, but it's consistent," Loscocco said. "In my view, this is something the Legislature has to weigh..."

Another Massachusetts man once said, "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." One wonders if Republicans have really weighed another consistent option: let couples get married. It seems less radical all the time. We're talking about an institution that has survived things like Elizabeth Taylor's eight nuptials, or Britney's 55-hour marriage. But when pitted against the obstinate, unthinking right, marriage may have met its match.