You're joking

Donald Trump has filed to trademark the phrase "You're Fired". Check out the details on The Smoking Gun, including a shot of The Hair in full effect.

I guess this isn't as outrageous as it first seems. He's just looking to slap the phrase on some clothes or casino games. Trying to copyright the phrase, I guess, would be cause for alarm.

The big money, though, would come from trademarking his hair. Already, people are attempting to duplicate the hairstyle under controlled, reproducible conditions. It's like when Compaq was trying to clone the PC: only a matter of time before someone gets it.

Over on, they've got an explanation and some commentary. What does Trump himself think of the look Dave Letterman described as "Trumpy" ? According to USA Today:

"It's been good for me over the years," Trump told USA TODAY Tuesday. "No," he says, he has never had a stylist. "Maybe that's my problem."
And take note, Queer Eye for the Straight Guys: Trump says he wouldn't let them make him over. "I'm not particularly thrilled with the way they look."
Then he slyly adds, "But that would get good ratings, wouldn't it?"

He really could cash in with a line of Halloween wigs, or fashionable bike helmets.