Raw material

Dr. Van Hee was having a hard time unloading a psych ward patient to the medical floor. But he had no trouble finding fans of his writing:

The charge nurse was incredulous. "You want to send us a patient from the locked psychiatry ward?"

"Look, he's no trouble. He's an old guy with a hip fracture and urosepsis. He's not going anywhere. He doesn't even need restraints. He yells a lot, but he doesn't thrash at all. He just lies there and yells at you when you try to stick IVs in him."

I was again denied. "Maybe he needs to go to the ICU. Sounds like he requires more nursing care than we can provide. By the way," she said, "I like your blog, Dr. Van Hee." I was speechless.

Now I had to get another resident involved, the ICU resident... When she came to admit the patient, I was expecting to bear some disgust that this guy had to go to the ICU. Instead, I heard, "So how do you decide what to write on your blog?" The screams of three psychiatry patients were still echoing through the hall. "...This?"

"Yes, definitely this."

Maybe he should just wear this t-shirt.