Hang ups about subscriptions

"Pacific Digital is trying to resurrect the market for LCD picture frames, which can display digital photos without being connected to a PC. Their new MemoryFrame doesn't require a subscription to upload and display your pictures, and comes in two models, an 8'x10' (that stores 80 images) and a 5'x7' model (that stores 55 images)."

I almost bought one of these a few years ago as a Christmas gift for my folks. I was turned off by the required subscription and phone connection, though it was cool to imagine dialing in and changing the pictures at my parents' house. Now with WiFi it's not an issue.

I think people are ok with subcriptions to magazines, cable, utilities, their car (a lease) and a few other items. Once you start getting them to subscribe to streamed music or appliances or their frickin' picture frames, they balk. And they should. Some things are just conceived of as permanent and shouldn't come with strings attached. Pictures of your family is one of those things.