Elective Day

Gotta wonder if I can spend some time fourth year doing medical journalism. Why not? I probably couldn't sub it for ICU or toxicology, but hey. Do it in addition. Or just use one of your free months to spend a few weeks volunteering for Lester Strong's HealthBeat. Sounds corny, but it beats emailing Rush lyrics to the editor of the WSJ op-ed page.

BU's Knight program in medical journalism (3 semesters)
Clegg Scholarship to study med journalism 8 weeks at the BMJ

There are 3 sponsored ads when you search google: books on Amazon, medical writing references from the AMA and others, and "join our news team" -- TheOtherNews.com... There seem to be formal programs in Australia, the UK, and BU. Maybe I can talk to BU about setting up a 4th year elective...

the AMA has a page mentioning medical journalism scholarship winners for medical students... the editor of msJAMA got it... which really suggests I should submit my Hussein / humiliation / Dean piece to them.