Me and my memes

Here's a snippet from the increasingly hypertextual Mickey Kaus: "I don't think the Lehane/Mulholland Arnold-insulted-Arianna-and-all-women meme will go that far, in part because Arianna (unlike Hillary Clinton in the Lazio race) wasn't a major candidate whom viewers were focusing on. The bigger threat to Schwarzenegger, it seems to me, is the Tucker Carlson it-was-a-circus-that-only-helps-Davis meme, propagated also by Phil Bronstein and the S.F. Chronicle. "

Now, I haven't gone and read these Kaus cites. But I wanted to think that my handful of columns weren't reducible to a meme or phrase that I was "propagating." I like to think that every word in the 700-word piece is helping to craft a subtle and complex argument, but often it's not the case. I challenge anyone to sum up my old-man / minuteman piece in less than 10 words, or less than two sentences, without glossing over something major.