A Fine Film Idea

Here's the first entry in an ongoing feature: wacky screenplay ideas!

An armed robber is holding hostages at a mall. The Feds arrive and start negotiating. The guy demands $100,000 in unmarked nonconsecutive tens and twenties. The negotiator phones in the demands to the local FBI office. THE REST OF THE MOVIE ( more than 90%) is about how some guy at the office tries to put together a suitcase full of money for the negotiator.

1) it's his first week and he always assumed suitcases of money were pre-packed
2) he goes to the bank and tries to withdraw the money straight up but it gets complicated
3) when he gets the money it doesn't even come close to fitting in the suitcase, he ends up mixing in some hundred-dollar bills to save space.

Also there's a well-integrated subplot about a budding office romance. And the guy has Knicks tickets for tonight, should he go to the game or is he obligated to see what happens at the mall?

OK, you're not loving that? Well, my best screenplay idea ever is about health care proxies and is too good to be posted here, where any Johnny Internet can steal it.

I already had a script idea stolen. It was a romantic comedy about two late-90's tech-savvy hipsters who hate each other in real life but flirt and connect well online. It was going to be called "Now Would Be A Good Time For You To Check Your Email." You know the rest.