High-Level Negotiations

Very happy to see new activity in Kim Jong Il (the illmatic)'s Journal. The North Korean "Leader" reprints some transcripts of his instant-messaging sessions with Bush and Cheney. They squabble about spelling, inventions, and whose country is better. It's hilarious, even as everyone comes off stupid and petty.

Someone once said all life is like High School. The Kim Jong Il blog shows that if high school kids were running two nuclear powers, things would be ... just like they are now. See the March 27th entry where Bush proposes multi-lateral talks in Washington. Kim counters: "I kind of thought it would be more fun if it was just us."

Bush replies: "I think that might be wierd [sic]... we could do a group thing."

Kim cancels the nuclear negotiations. And really, when you were 15 and you asked out a girl and she tried to make it "a group thing" -- didn't you just want to recall your ambassador and break off diplomatic relations and engage in nuclear brinkmanship until your sorry ass was appeased?

Kim's blog will be huge.