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The thesis will be defended in less than a week. Correctins and changes have got to be done by the 18th. Then... clerkships! Editing for worcester medicine magazine! I should be using my free time to re-learn medicine or work on other people's articles... will there ever be time to write my own stuff?

My best bet is to make all kinds of short observations here, and then when the opportunity presents itself (sometime in 2004, it would seem) to try to gather it up and write some articles... on the patient interaction, new technology, whatever else I find kind of interesting.

Andrew Sullivan warns: "I think bloggers do well to take time out. We can lose perspective, stop thinking in longer form, and also get exhausted. "

Eh. Thinking in 'longer form' has never come naturally, and my randomly scheduled blog entries are never exhausting. I do wonder, though, if opinion writing is even something I should aspire to. Maybe I can make a career out of just pointing to the latest David Brooks piece in the Atlantic and saying "Look! Read this! It's sparkling, well-researched, well-written, and makes a provocative point! Damn, he's good."

If you can't join 'em, cite 'em?