Goin' Mobile

Long before my colleagues knew me as "that guy who sewed a pocket into his white coat so he could use his iPad in the ED" ... but sometime after they knew me as "the guy with the blog" ... I like to think they knew me as "that guy who helped edit many editions of EM Practice, the evidence-based, presentation-focused journal of emergency medicine."

With this post, I can be all three guys at once, and recommend the wonderful, iPad-optimized PDF of of many fine flowcharts featured in EMPractice in recent years, now available for free. 

Every issue of EMPractice has a flowchart to help guide emergency decision-making with the best available evidence. We've taken a bunch of recent flowcharts and bundled them into a useful, navigable document that will bring the best evidence to the point of care. 

Of course this PDF works well on paper, and the hyperlinks will work on other computers or devices, but it's sized and designed with the iPad in mind. It's really great for teaching or reviewing, on shift. 

NB: I'm on the editorial board for EMPractice and had a small role in developing this PDF.