A small step

When you have a singular achievement of historical magnitude, well, I imagine it's hard to go back to regular life. And it's hard to resist the temptation to cash in on said achievement.

Buzz Aldrin was on TV the other night, giving yet another interview, and I just got done telling my girlfriend that Neil Armstrong never does that sort of thing -- no celebrity biographies, very few interviews, and certainly no endorsements. I figured he realized that the first man to walk on the moon ought to be above that sort of thing.

Turns out I was wrong. Here's a TV spot featuring Neil Armstrong for... Chrysler. (Armstrong's also had a biography released recently, as well.)

Oh well. The next order of business is tracking down this short film that appeared on SNL nine years ago, an imagined vignette of Neil Armstrong's quiet life now in Ohio, walking around town, minding his business but unable to concentrate on much -- because every few seconds his mind seizes on the fact he was first to walk on the moon.

Until that clip surfaces, we'll have to make do with this other imaginative film: the unedited version of Neil Armstrong's moonwalk (NSFW).