Grand Rounds: Change of the Guard

This week, GruntDoc hosted the 200th edition of Grand Rounds.

When this series started, the word "blogger" was just entering the public consciousness. The value of healthcare blogs -- to entertain, inform, and improve understanding -- this was clear to us, but we weren't really sure if anyone outside our group would ever notice.

Two hundred weeks later, every major media site has a blog on medicine and health, the industry is paying to access what physicians write online, and the transparency of blogging is transforming healthcare from the ground up (or, in some cases, from the top down).

Healthcare bloggers now have access to figures like the Surgeon General or AMA president. Healthcare bloggers write op-eds for major papers, appear on TV, and publish books.

Grand Rounds, I think, has had a role in this. This carnival has served as a weekly focal point, highlighting the most compelling voices and insightful ideas in this vibrant community. Grand Rounds made the world of healthcare blogging accessible and appealing to outsiders, and offered veteran bloggers and newbies a chance to touch base and rub elbows.

As the healthcare blogging landscape has changed, though, new challenges and opportunities have presented themselves. I've been unable to properly address these issues, however, since being named a chief resident at my program a few months ago. While the experience has been exhilarating so far, the task of organizing my department's Grand Rounds has left little time for planning Grand Rounds online.

But we're fortunate that our weekly roundup of medical blogging has attracted a number of dedicated benefactors. Beyond the hosts whose creativity and effort make each week so memorable and enjoyable, a few people have distinguished themselves with their belief in the concept and potential of Grand Rounds.

One such person is Colin Son, a medical student, longtime blogger, and previous host of Grand Rounds. He'll be taking over the Pre-Rounds series for Medscape and scheduling new Grand Rounds hosts. Working with him will be none other than Dr. Val Jones, the extraordinary blogger behind The Voice of Reason at Revolution Health.

They have the energy and enthusiasm to not only maintain this series but take Grand Rounds to new heights -- opening up the medical blogging world to new readers and venues. Please join me in welcoming them, and wishing them well. With your support and Colin and Val's stewardship, the quality and success of Grand Rounds will be insured -- for the next two hundred editions, and beyond.