So that's today's memory lane

The Scene: An ICU, on an early July morning. A well-dressed man is standing at the nurses' station, scribbling notes. Our main character walks in.

Me: Hey, where's the post-call intern?
Intern: That would be me. Would you like me to tell you about the overnight admissions?
Me: Sure, sure... Say, if you're post-call, why are you wearing a shirt and tie?
Intern (defensive): I... I wore scrubs overnight. I just changed back.
Me (with genuine admiration): Wow. Good luck with that.

The scene: A Welcome Fete. The new interns are meeting the residents.

The mature, confident resident (to a group): Hi, I'm Nick.
Intern A: Hey! I read about you. You're that blog guy.
Me: Oh, ha. Um, yes. But, you know, that's just kind of a computer thing I do... on the side.
Intern B: Hey, I remember you from interview season. But the website you were talking about, it had something to do with free drinks.
Me: Hmmm...
Interns A, to Intern B: I love this town.