I hardly ever use my record player. Nevertheless, I would like to own this record, featured recently on the website of New York's WFMU:

There is absolutely no information printed on this 10" record except the word Borborygmi, which is the medical term for stomach-gurgling sounds.

A fitting name for this collection of jaunty piano-and-vocals medical parodies, apparently sung by real doctors. Only real doctors could have gotten away with singing such explicit material in the '50s / early '60s period these songs were probably recorded. Assuming this is the same bunch who did this, this record was produced to benefit the Greene County, MO Medical Society's Scholarship Foundation. It definitely wasn't for the general public - only other medical industry professionals would understand all the references.

Looking for graphics, I was just typing in mildly appropriate phrases like "singing doctors," not really expecting to find anything, and I came across this (the album cover to the right). I'd say it's a different album judging by the song titles, but they mention Greene County in their lyrics. How many Green County singing doctors could their be?

It's nice to think these clever tunes (you can sample them on the WFMU site) helped fund the education of physicians. Another one of their albums has made it to online auction. They also recorded Medic Emetics, Keep You In Stiches, and Thanks for the Miseries. After a few minutes of web sleuthing, I found a different listing, for the Greene County Boys. Borborygmi sells for $9; they also had an album called Placenta Preview.