Grand Rounds Comes to Blogborygmi 12/26/06

Hey, everyone -- I'll be hosting Grand Rounds next week!

Some of you are probably asking, "Why?" Or more pointedly, "Are you still blogging?"

Yeah, I've got some explaining to do: I wanted to give my editors at Medscape a break -- Christine Weibe and Susan Yox have brought coherence to my disjointed interviewing style, every week for the last thirteen months, without reprieve. Their ideas and enthusiasm have helped Grand Rounds in innumerable ways -- and they deserve recognition and relaxation.

Plus, I've gathered data from several years, several sites, and it's pretty clear that fewer people read medical blogs around the holidays.

So, no Pre-Rounds spotlight next week -- no eager new blogger or grizzled, esteemed vet to take the center stage. It just wouldn't be fair.

And yet, canceling Grand Rounds seems unnecessarily drastic -- especially at the end of the year, a time for reflection and "best-of" lists. Plus, it would totally ruin the numbering scheme.

So I'll host! Yay. Send me an email -- with the url and description -- of your best posts of the year to nick /at/ . Submissions are due Christmas morning (Eastern Daylight Time).

I'm also looking for links, posts or remembrances from blogs and bloggers that 'retired' in 2006.