"Everybody falls, the first time"

It's the intern's first day. We're walking down the hallway from the ED, so I can show him the lounge.

"Are you ready? You know, the computer system here is pretty complex," I said.

"Yeah, they gave a lecture on it, but it was pretty confusing," he replied

"The system can do absolutely everything -- charting, orders, prescriptions, admissions, discharges... but's got so many features, it takes a while to master. At first you'll be like Neo looking confused at the green streaming letters in the Matrix, but eventually you'll transcend it.. and just start moving faster than you thought possible."

"But wait," the intern interjected. "Didn't Neo have to die before he could do all that?"

I stopped walking, turned, and faced my young charge. "We all had to... It's very painful."

We continued walking down the hallway, in silence.