Overheard in a New York Comedy Club

The scene: a faded, half-filled comedy club, still clinging to its Seinfeld-era glory. A spotlight shines on a brick wall, a black painted wooden floor, and a lone microphone. A pathetic MC is trying to work the crowd.

MC: And how about these home defibrillators, huh?

The Crowd does not respond.

MC: I mean, do you really want Grandma shocking Grandpa? She can't even program a VCR!

Someone in the crowd chuckles softly, for a few seconds. Then, silence. A doctor, sitting amongst his fellow interns, raises his hand. The MC seizes upon the opportunity.

MC: You, sir?

Doctor: Yeah, so, those defibrillators detect whether it's okay to shock or not. The only thing people have to do is put the paddles on the chest and listen for instructions.

MC pauses for a moment, stunned. Thanks for interrupting my set!

Doctor: Just trying to help.

The MC introduces the next comic, and another teaching moment comes to a close.