Grand Rounds: A New Partnership

This week's Grand Rounds is being hosted by Geena at Code Blog: Tales of a Nurse.

This week's collection of the best of the medical blogging is is notable for several reasons. Geena's now the first person to host three times, making her an odds-on favorite for the Five Timer's Club.

But, more importantly, this is the first edition of Grand Rounds to be promoted by Medscape.

That's right: the web's leading medical news corporation is getting involved with blogs, becoming the first major media site to sponsor a rotating carnival.

That they've chosen to do this speaks volumes of the high quality of writing on medical blogs, the efforts and creativity of each week's host, and the sophistication of our audience.

Medscape is performing a service to their readers, in linking to Grand Rounds each week. They're also doing a favor to the hosts of Grand Rounds, by sending them a new source of traffic: medical students, nurses, and doctors who are online, but haven't ventured into the world of blogs.

So, do Medscape a favor and check out their medicine resources, news alerts, and CME credit opportunities. It's a perfect match.

And, tune in next week when medical student Graham Walker hosts Grand Rounds, at his blog, Over My Med Body.