Celebrity Skin

It's October, 2005, and I'm continuing to coast on all the writing I did last year.

A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal mentioned blogborygmi in a piece on medical blogs (reprinted here). It looks like the reporter read though some of my archives, which is really nice. But she listed me as anonymous -- maybe because I requested that my hospital affiliation not be disclosed. Or maybe she thought "Dr. Genes" was a pseudonym (though the last time I was quoted in the WSJ, my name was the topic).

I also was interviewed by Dr. Kent Bottles of SoundPractice.net, as part of his series on medical bloggers. It's really a wonderful thing he's doing, recording the thoughts of early medblogging pioneers like MedPundit and Dr. Centor -- I'm really honored to be listed among them.

A few hours after doing the interview, I sauntered into work, my head still a little big from the attention. Internship can be a long slog, and sometimes it gives me a warm fuzzy to know this medical blogging scene is taking off, and I'm a part of it.

One of the seniors greeted me excitedly.
Resident: "Nick! You just missed all the cameras! The network was here. Our attending is going to be on that makeover show! They just swooped in and took her away."

Me: "Really? Dr. B? But she's so..."

Resident: "Pretty? Yeah, but she felt she had kind of lapsed a little bit since she started here. Anyway, they filmed in the ED, they got a shot of all of us, I'm going to be on national TV!"

Me, smiling to myself: "That's really... great..."

I guess, despite all the progress, medblogging still has a ways to go.