Several supporters of Grand Rounds have contacted me about the Carnival study from Free Money Finance -- are there conclusions here that can help expose the writers and hosts of Grand Rounds to a larger audience?

In short, I don't think it has much bearing on our practice. Former GR hosts on the discussion board can learn why; I'm not interested in airing this publicly. In the meantime, I look forward to watching Carnival of the Colonoscopists and every other niche group try to manipulate Instapundit into greater traffic -- if that's not a zero-sum game, it's asymptotically approaching it.

But have no doubt: the writing in Grand Rounds is worthy of a wide audience. Go check out the latest edition, now up at Straightfromthedoc.com.

Next week's host is Healthy Concerns. It's worth noting that both these blogs feature a lot of advertising, and are, in fact, part of corporate ventures. I've been a part of another such enterprise for several months now.

Has sponsorship compromised these blogs, these writers? Is advertising something you're sad to see? Mull it over, because the path to boosting Grand Rounds traffic may lie in this direction.