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I like to browse the headlines on ScienceDaily, looking for stuff to read or blog about. I don't know if it's my mood or a particularly obvious set of headlines, but this Friday's edition gave my inner snark some material to work with:

Do Free Drug Samples Influence Residents' Prescribing Decisions?
I think it depends on how fastidiously the residents take the drugs.

Nuclear Weapons Continue to Pose a Serious Health Risk to Europe
I actually thought this was lazy headline-writing -- that it was really an article about storage leaks or background radiation. But no, the report is about nuclear weapon detonation being a health risk. Because, you know, they're weapons.

Delirium Associated with Premature Death
But what a way to go!

Knee Pain Often Linked To Pain Elsewhere In The Body
This was particularly true of patients who had been run over, or had fallen from great heights.