Kevin MD alerts us to this deal, involving the National Republican Congressional Committee's Physicians' Advisory Board and at least a dozen doctors.

It works like this: You give about $1250 to a certain political party. In turn, they bestow upon you the award, "NRCC Physician of the Year." Then, you make a big deal about your award -- misleading employers and patients into thinking you've earned a unique distinction.

Kos is keeping a list of docs that have cited their "award" in ads and curricula vitae. Some of the commenters say that they, too, were contacted by the NRCC, and were told very explicitly that if they donated, they could use the title.

This is apparently a variation of RNC "Businessman of the Year" awards from years prior. But when patients are misled, it somehow seems more egregious. And, the thing is, I think I'd be completely ok with this, if they simply called it "Physician of the Inner Circle" ... or what about just "World's Greatest Grampa" ? People claim that all the time, and no one seems to mind.